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Sell [Server Files Full 2020 Best Project ] coronavirus


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18 Nis 2020
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Rohan2 Eldamar 23 Eylül Cuma Sizlerle DETAYLI TANITIM VE BİLGİ İÇİN TIKLAYIN.

Good first of all I want to clarify that I only sell 2 copies for my family and my father died of a virus and well now my mother is also with this

fucking disease and I already run out of money I had no plans to sell my project

the value is / 150 euros, now those who pay 200 euros will give support and updates

in the next update I plan to install

Skill color - system

and Battle Pass

well here the characteristics

* Fox Fx Configuration and Security - Perfectly functional (Level 8 Encryption)

-Anti Api tools



-Python loader

-Hacks Py

* Talismans (Bonuses) + Bonuses of elements implemented in each race

- This system is complete and identical to the Official Metin2 but modified in the style of (Specter)

- It is a great surprise brings wings auras of various colors and another surprise

- It has a separate table in MySql. to avoid problems and crashing

- Talismans have various degrees

* Aura system: perfectly functional. (Modified by spectrum)

- Copy 1/1 only so that the item bonuses are not absorbed.

- There are add / change bonuses for this system. more later I explain

- Separate table in MySql. to avoid problems and crashing

- Added Hide / Show aura effect: perfectly functional. (In the costume window there is a button that hides the effects of Aura).

* Lock character system and inventory

- Perfectly functional - This system also has REMOVE WINDOWS.

- How does this system work?

- When you create a new character, it opens a popup window until which you must enter a password of at least 5 characters.

- With 11 wrong passwords entered. The client automatically closes and removes windows.

- To unlock the character there is a forgotten password button.

- This system is 100% Functional without any failure / In extreme cases an administrator can easily recover your password or give you 1 clue

* New guild system

- New interface

- New options

- All flags changed

- New habilities

* Hide / Show icon in the wardrobe window.

- 40 Color masks implemented.

- 40 Skin of various colors weapons implemented

- New Outfits 100% Tested no graphic problem in them

- New Mounts

- New Skill

- New Textures in "HD" armor

- Many New "2020" Outfits

- Add / Change outfit bonus - Perfectly functional.

- Transfiguration bonus outfit: perfectly functional.

* Offline Store + Show my store all the time (a button on the taskbar that instantly opens your offline store)

* Shaman System Support: perfectly functional.

- Every / 10 - Levels your Shaman Support changes clothes

* Dynk blink system

- The label blinks when we send you an mp

* Copy and paste system

- You can copy links with Ctrl C + Ctrl V

* New guild war map

* All official Maps currently.

* Blessing System

* new interface and guild bank system

* Battle zone: perfectly functional.

* Gaya: perfectly functional.

* Drop Info of mobs - Perfectly functional.

* Show Drop Metine - Perfectly functional.

* Transmutation: perfectly functional.

* Belts: perfectly functional

* 5 inventories added

- All slots working perfectly

* Change bot

- Added 6 switch bot slots

- Fixed doping speed issue

* Bonus table

- Bonus tables in letter (c) run in real time

- Added variants

* Special storage: perfectly functional

- 4 special inventories for each thing.

* Stole System - Perfect Functional + All Stoles existing in the official client + other premium models.

-All Stoles are scaled from (Soucer) impossible to bugearse

--Hide / Show - Functional perfect. (In the locker room window there is a button that hides the stoles.

* Pet system - Perfectly functional + Most added official pets.

- Special slot for pets - Perfectly functional (A slot where the pet is placed and always remains called)

- Perfect functional. (The pet grows in size and shape)

- Added pet skill books

- They get easier + All official pet bonuses have been implemented, -Pela Escala - Functional perfect. (The pet grows in size and shape)

- Extra bonus per pet - Perfect functional (in addition to the classic bonuses that grow in VIT STR DEX value there are two bonuses for each Critical pet and 10% Block

* New system of special mounts- Perfect functional + Additional groove in the wardrobe window.

- All official mounts are implemented. - Perfect functional.

- Added "Ride like a horse" on any mount

- Fixing of Ninja when attacking with special powers from the horse

* Quiq event system - Perfectly functional. -

- All possible events in an instant search (activation is done by GM through the Quest + Icon event in the upper right corner, where the information about each event appears separately.

- Players are automatically notified every time they trigger the event.

- The System also includes (A MP [News] that notifies all the players that there is an event in progress)

- World war was also added as an event

* Weapon Effects System: perfectly functional.

- This system gives a weapon three different effects depending on its evolution, the evolution increases when you kill a BOSS.

- When killing a BOSS, you will receive between 10 and 15 points for the evolution, once you have reached the point threshold for a certain evolution, the weapon evolves instantly and adds another effect to the weapon.

- Added 3 types of glitters for each weapon

- Added a premium shine

* 6tha Skill System

- Added 6tha skills to

- Body war

- Mind Warrior

- Blade Ninja

- Bow Ninja

* Offensive Skills and Evasion System

- Added 7 - 8 Skills books

- Added that the book will raise your skills 6 - 8 to Perfect (1 book)

- Skills are available for all Races (Less Lycan)

* Infinite Special Item System

- Rocios (All)

- Blessings of the dragon god (All Included Critical / Penetration)

- Infinite Arrows

- Infinite Cabos

- New potions

* Biolog quick inventory system - Perfectly functional.

- The objects required for the biologist are transferable to the biologist directly as to the officer.

- In each completed mission you receive a piece that drops different elements. (This trunk opens three times)

* Modified wheel system (each wheel has a special icon in the upper left,

* Close window system: this system prevents the opening of two or more windows simultaneously.

- The System prevents any type of bug or hack within the server counting as the greatest security

- Also prevents a player from trying to dupe an object

* Dungeons - New Dungeons added

- Nemere Tower

- Azarael Catacombs

- Demon tower

- Slimer Dungeon

- Crystal dungeon

- Boss Dungeon

- Razor Pulgatory

- Queen Meley Temple

- Ochao Temple

- Enchanted Forest

- Heads of the Zodiac

- Hydra (New)

- Added 15 new surprise boses

* Outfits and weapons

- Many of certain colors only new and that are not in other servers

* Graphics

- Bring adaptable graphics, when you have a good pc, and a good video card you put in GPU, and change the graphics of all the maps and citys characters and weapons, textures, effects of abilities and more

- They can also be disabled, putting in CPU and voila but it has some brutal graphics

Last fix made *

-TP Barra sometimes hid and you could not give group

-Bugs *

So far 1 boss who is not seen but I already solve it today

Discord : Spectre#8840​





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