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Hi everybody. Knight Online Producer The Castellan here. I've been going through the thread and so far, there seems to be a lot of repeat questions. So what I'll do is pick out the ones that reoccur and address them first. So here goes!

Regarding the Expansion
When will we see the Beta? We're planning on beginning the beta during the first half of October.
What will be in the expansion? All kinds of great stuff. Magicians can summon mini-Felankors now. New zones and a smattering of new bosses, including the big-daddy of all bosses, Krowaz. New constructable armor. Weapons that have cool effects like shrinking enemies or turning them into members of the undead. There's one that actually turns your enemy into a Kaul, and armor that makes the wearer immune to elemental and/or magic weapons for a time.

A new PvP zone, and a new adventure zone.

Oh, and level 83, of course.

There'll be more information as we get closer to the release date.

Why aren't there more GMs? There are at least 8 more coming in the next few weeks, with more afterwards. Really, though, we're striving towards a system that negates the need to "find" a GM online anyway; sort of like a hybrid between sending a ticket and PMing a GM. That won't be happening right away, but it's a goal. We want you to be able to get a hold of a member of the team whenever you need to.

Why does CS always respond with auto-replies? Think about this. When someone walks up to you and says "How's it goin'?" what do you say? Probably one of maybe two pre-programmed responses. "It's going good, how are you?" if you're feeling normal, or "Eh, it's goin'" if you're feeling bad. You don't sit and try to concoct a new response for this every time you get asked it because it happens on a daily basis, multiple times per day. Same thing with CS. They value efficiency so they can get you helped as quickly as possible. If they sat and thought of something new each time, it would take much longer to handle tickets.

But they sound like robots. Maybe they do. We're currently in the process of reviewing just how CS responds and seeing in what ways we can change it up. Your old pal Linus is working with them to make their responses, as he puts it, "less lame."

When is Bifrost coming back? With the expansion!

Why don't you get rid of X-trap! Good idea. We'll get rid of it with the expansion.

Are rogues going to get a minor cooldown? We don't have anything on our end that would hint at a minor cooldown for rogues on our version of KO, but we all know that Korean KO has it and they're quite a ways ahead of us in terms of patches. I know how much nobody here wants it and this message will be conveyed, but ultimately it comes down to what the developer wants to do with their game. If they think that minor having no cooldown unbalances the game, it will have to be changed.

Why does Mgame take so long to do things? For one thing, they have to make sure that everything they do can be implemented across the board in all versions of KO. Things also take time to translate. And here's the biggie: they don't really have as many cheaters on Korean KO. Their players have to enter their social security number in order to register. This alone has a drastic impact on whether or not cheaters can abuse the game, meaning the developer is somewhat insulated from bugs and hacks. We have to reproduce everything in house here, then come up with step by step method for performing it on their end. This then has to be translated into Korean and sent over.

What are you doing about the illegal +10s on all servers? We're checking them out and performing any action that might be necessary.

What are you doing about the archer disconnect issue? We've been examining it, but it's somewhat slow going because even though there are claims about it happening to everyone, it hasn't been happening here. Ever.

Can you please make a new PK zone for under level 70? Ok. It'll come in the new expansion. It'll be called "Ronark Land Base."

Why don't you sell the game to Blizzard! Because we want the PvP to actually be fun.

Why haven't you brought back Character Delete yet you sell the Cypher Ring! Why should we pay $55 to delete our characters? You shouldn't. The Cypher Ring is not character delete. If you want to delete a character, please don't buy it. It's not for that. Character Delete will most likely not return. Why? Because too many Knight Online players insist on sharing accounts and they end up being compromised. We can't force you not to do that. People are going to continue sharing accounts regardless of the risks, and they will keep getting "hacked" or "scammed" by guys who they thought they could trust. That, or the guy playing their account had a keylogger or a trojan or any number of things that you're no longer in control of because you let him play your account on his computer. The only thing we can do is try to protect you. Not allowing character deletion is part of that.

Will you please switch back to Knight Cash? Ok, sounds good. Does November first work for you?

Will you please run more GM events? I don't think this is a good idea, though you're welcome to debate. More types of GM events? Yes. But more events overall lessen the impact of a good GM event.

What will we do to make old players happy?
As you just saw recently, we released the long-term premiums. This actually takes money out of our pockets, but we're hoping for good results because it rewards players who stick with us in the long term. If you're buying premium anyway during those 3 or 6 months, you get it at a discount, and you get potions as well. We're also working on a special system designed to take into account how long you've been playing KO, with extra attention given to those who have been so kind as to pay us money over the months. We plan to recognize this and reward you for your loyalty. Gamersfirst, right?

Additionally, we're releasing an entire awesome expansion for free.

How soon can you expect to see Trina's/Tears/Etc purchasable by credit card? This will be very soon. As in possibly next week soon. We had to take them out because credit cards are not the most secure payment method out there, while ESN codes are. We've got a new system in place that should make everybody happy and allow us to turn credit cards back on for these.

By the way, you can currently buy ESN codes for these items online at Shattered Crystal; PlaySpan megastore is opening on October 6th and they will also be selling ESN codes for everything you can buy.

Do you care about players? Yes.

Why don't you make it so we can contact GMs through a ticketing / live chat process? We plan to replace the current CS and GM interaction process with a system akin to this. No more looking for GMs, no more being told to submit tickets; one big process that you can use any time, on any server. There's no ETA on this at the moment, however.

Why are you disabling so many features? Bifrost was disabled by the developer because it was just prone to cheating too much. They took it out so they could retool it and bring it back, which it is, with the expansion. Same thing with Captain Cougar; he'll be back with the expansion. If you remember, we had BDW and Juraid disabled for about two days while we fixed those and brought them back right away. Hellsgarem, on the other hand, is not disabled, we've just had better ways to spend those days. I don't anticipate it will be back during October either, but that's OK because you'll all be too busy gearing up for the expansion by then.

Are you planning to merge any servers? No way.

Why don't you do item restorations or rollbacks on hacked characters? The security of your account is your responsibility. When you get hacked, you now offload that responsibility onto many other people. We will absolutely do what we can to try and help out in whatever form or fashion, and if there's a chance, but in most cases the hackers makes off with your items and sells them in the market.

At that point we have three choices: Choice number one is two remove the items from all the people that bought them from the hacker. Now they've all been punished because of your lack of account security. Choice number two is to leave all the items out there and generate more. This is a terrible idea. If we did that, getting "hacked" could mean giving all your items to friends and sending in a ticket. You'd get your items back and they'd still have the ones you gave away; instant, K2-sponsored dupe. So no, that isn't happening. Choice number three is returning your account to a secure status by changing the password, emails, and secret questions, giving you gear that will get you back up and running, and telling you to be more careful.

Improvements are being made to ensure account safety. There are a couple of cool things we're working on that will make it so even if you do get a trojan or a keylogger it'll make your account harder to *****. Account security, however, starts with you, and everything in the world we do won't protect you if you're wantonly sharing your account and visiting bad sites.

Why can't free2play users beta test Forgotten Frontiers?!
- Free2play users will get the whole expansion for free without having to go through the drudgery of testing it. How about that? We will never, ever not give preference to people who pay us. Free2play users would not have a game if not for the people that do pay. There is no free2play electricity bill, no free2play internet bill, and hard working employees like GMs and server technicians who get up in the middle of the night to work on servers do not do it for free, because supermarkets are not free2eat and gas stations are not free2fill up. Premium users provide everyone with a unique opportunity to play this game at whatever price they want to pay, even if that price is free, and I don't really think that that should be offensive to you.

QUOTE(4que @ Sep 22 2008, 08:31 AM)

I think this game has the best PVP platform of any MMO, however I think it is due for a major revamping as the maps and senarios are vastly outdated. This is a PVP based game and I think adding another PVP element along with more questlike XP rewards instead of the constant grinding of mobs would drastically turn the game for the better.

The expansion has something you'll really like: Mission Quests. More on that later! Also, you get experience for winning in the new PvP zone.

That's all for now. Keep checking back; I'll answer as many as I can.

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2.Yeni gmler gelecekmiş(8 adet pışt )
3.83 level açılacakmış
4.neden otomatik cevap yazıyorsunuz diye çok sorulmuş aynı şeyleri sorarsanız aynı cevapları alırsınız diyor kısaca(ben bsg diyorum bunlara tabii)
5.bitfrost yeniden açılacakmış yeni patchle
6.yeni patchle birlikte x-trap belasından da kurtulacakmışsınız(çünkü ben oynamıyorum)
7.minör couldown olmayacakmış bu sadece kore serverında olmuş,k2 yapmayacakmış(asaslar tepinin,pedalcılar hadi iyisiniz yine )
8.kore serverına gelen yenilikler neden k2ye geç geliyo demişler,çevirmesi uzun sürüyo,yerim dar gibi cevaplar vermiş pıştlar bu +10 itemler nolcak adam bize savaşta 2300 koyuyo demişler merak etmeyin bütün illegal itemleri silecez demişler
10.70 lvl altı için kapışma yeri yapın yoksa fena olacak demişler,onlarda demişki merak etmeyin Ronark Land Base diye bir yer yapıyoz 70 lvl altı için demişler
11.Blizziarta neden satmıyorsunuz demişler,onlarda biz oyunun daha eğlenceli olmasını istiyoruz demişler(bsg yine)
12.karakter silmek için neden yüzük almak zorundayız demişler,onlarda karakter silme açılmayacak,yüzük almayın demişler.adam o zaman nasıl silecek lann pislik
13.bu g1 ***** knight cash daha iyiydi demişler,onlarda evet bizcede knight cashe geri döncez demişler.
14.niye gm eventleri yapmıyosunuz diye sormuşlar,yolda geliyo demişler yeni eventler
15.koyu uzun zamandır oynayıp premium alan kekler için bişey düşünüyormusunuz diye sormuşlar,onlarda evet kaz gelecek yerden tavuk esirgenmez demişler.yani indirim yapacaklarmış,beleş pot verceklermiş cart curt yani
16.ticket sistemide değişcekmiş,gm aramayacaksınız artık diyorlar
17.bir sürü aktivite neden kapatıldı diye sormuşlar,hile yapılan yerleri kapadık açıklarını kapayıp yeniden açacağız diyolar
18.yeni server açılacakmı diye sormuşlar,şu an öyle bi düşüncemiz yok diyolar.
19.soyulan karakterlere neden rollback atmıyorsunuz yada itemleri geri vermiyosunuz diye sormuşlar,her karakter kendi güvenliğinden sorumludur,kusura bakma bacım demişler.
20.son olarakta ne olacak bu fenerin hali diye sormuşlar,valla yapacak bişey yok demişler,feneri tutacağıma aklımdan bi sayı tutarım daha iyi demiş cs sabrina
21.beramus bölümünde bi yenilik daha var darkreini editleyerek 80 yapacaklarmış,nedenini sordum ezik geldi ezik gitmesin diye k2nin bir kıyağı dediler :D

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